Specialist Subjects

Health & Physical Education with Mr Watson

Personal, Social and Community Health

  • Being Healthy, Safe and Active
  • Communicating and Interacting for Health and Wellbeing
  • Contributing to Healthy Active Communities

Movement and Physical Activity

  • Moving Our Body
  • Understanding Movement
  • Learning Through Movement

Technologies with Miss Skouroumounis and Mrs Faulkner

Design and Technologies

  • Design and Technologies Knowledge and Undderstanding
  • Design and Technologies Processes and Production Skills

Digital Technologies

  • Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding
  • Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills

Italian with Signorina DiGiovanni


  • Socialising
  • Informing
  • Creating
  • Translating 
  • Reflecting


  • Systems of Language
  • Langauge Variation and Change
  • Role of Language and Culture
Respect Achievement Belonging Diversity