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Enfield Primary School is a Reception to Year 6 school, including a Department for Education Junior Primary Special Class, which is situated centrally within the Enfield community.

We consider ourselves a Community Hub as the school shares a site, and works in partnership with, local and state service providers. These include C.a.F.E Enfield Children’s Centre & Preschool, Learning Together, Child Youth and Women's Health Services and the Family Day Care Business Centre. Together we share a large site that has beautiful open, natural spaces. 

As a Commmunity Hub, we are able to support families in multiple ways with a 'team around the family' approach. There are strong connections for students and families from prenatal right through to year 6 and beyond, with practitioners and educators collaborating to provide targeted support. 

Enfield Primary School has a strong teaching focus on literacy, numeracy and student wellbeing for learning that is evidence informed and differentiated to ensure intellectual stretch for all our students. This provides opportunities for strong, cross-curricular skill development and students understanding themselves as powerful learners through an inquiry-approach to the learning and teaching. This approach enables us to draw on the varied interests, strengths and cultural diversity of our site. 

We are very proud of our multicultural community and the way educators, students and the community work together and support each other. The school caters for students from more than 16 different nationalities with more than 50 per cent of our students born overseas and learning English as a second language. Therefore, several intervention programs exist to support our English as a second language, Aboriginal and special education students.

We are very proud of our school and firmly believe that being part of the Community Hub ensures we can provide high quality learning and support for all our students and their families. 

Empowering students to learn and achieve!

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