Connect & Communicate

We use a wide range of platforms and media to support communication between school, home and the community. Please check the options below and then download the relevant apps:

1. Skoolbag - This mobile phone app enables us to send out messages, reminders and alerts to families, provides access to our newsletter and enable parents/ caregivers to inform us about student absences.

Skoolbag Instructions


2. Qkr! - This mobile phone app is for making payments to school, such as school fees, ordering uniforms, and paying for excursions.  

QKR! Instructions     


3. Facebook Page - This page provides a platform to share regular updates and information with the community. It is a moderated page, so all posts are checked before publishing to ensure they, and any subsequent comments and contributions, meet our usage guidelines. All inappropriate contributions will be deleted and the contributor blocked.

Visit our Facebook Page


4. School Newsletter - This is published and printed fortnightly, with every edition showcasing learning happening in classrooms or around the school as the front cover. Connect with Skoolbag to see digital editions.

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