General Information

The School Day

  • 8.35am: Yard supervision starts.
  • 8.55am: School day starts
  • 10.45 - 11.05am: Recess
  • 12.45 - 12.55pm: Students eat lunch in classrooms
  • 12.55 - 1.25pm: Lunch play period
  • 3.05pm: School day finishes
  • 3.25pm: Yard supervision finishes

Please note that:

  • No students should be on school grounds before 8.35am without the supervision of a parent or caregiver.
  • Any students not collected by 3.25pm, the teacher on yard duty will take them up to the Front Office and parents, caregivers or emergency contacts will be contacted to come and pick up their child.


We hold whole-school assemblies every second week. These are hosted by each class in turn with additional items presented each time. Class teachers will notfiy parents and caregivers when their class is hosting or presenting. this information will also be sent out via the newsletter, Skoolbag or Facebook.

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