Your task is to select an activity to try. Take a photo of your learning to share with others.


Make a puppet using socks, paper and junk materials. Put on a show. Take a photo of your puppet. Check out these websites for inspiration and ideas.   

Caine’s Arcade

Using junk materials found at home make your own toy or game. Check out this video of a young boy who created an arcade of games. Take a photo of your toy/game.


Using a square piece of paper, learn how to fold it to make something e.g. fish.

Take a photo of your finished product.

Marble Challenge

Using a marble or small ball and paper or card, create a maze for it to travel on. Can you come up with other materials to use?

Decorate it and take a photo.

Funny Food Faces

Using fruit, vegetables and other food items, create a funny face. Take a photo.

Build a tower

Using materials found in and around the house, build the tallest tower you can. Count how many different materials you used. Try to only use items that are smaller than an A4 piece of paper.

Take a photo of your tower.

Percussion Instruments

A great way to recycle used household materials is to turn them into musical instruments. Be creative. See what you can make and put on a show. Take a photo of your instrument.


These fun games are a definite boredom buster!  More than that, they are fantastic ways to learn.

Take a photo.

Tea towel and towel folding

Last term many students learnt how to fold a tea towel into a chicken. This week, your task is to try and learn how to fold either a tea towel or a towel to make an animal or object. Below are sites you might like to use. Happy folding and be sure to take photos of your creative work.



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