Attendance Processes

Student Attendance - during remote, home learning

We are still required by the Department for Education to report student attendance daily and it remains the parent/ caregiver responsibility to contact the school and keep us informed. While remote, home-learning is happening we will use the following process:

1. Teachers will send out a morning check-in message, at 9.00am, via their usual class communication platform: email, Class Dojo or See-Saw. This will include:

  • A request for parents/ caregivers to send a reply to the teacher about whether their child(ren) are doing some home learning, having a family day, or are sick. We will use this information to enter the correct attendance code for that day.
  • Information about the learning planned for the day
  • Any other message

2. Parents/ Caregivers must send a reply by 9.30am

3. If we do not receive a reply, a staff member will follow-up with a phone call to check in. We want this step to be only necessary for a small number and have majority of families replying to the check-in message.

4. All parents/ caregivers that we do not make contact with will be marked as an unexplained absence and may require further follow up by our Student Wellbeing Team and or Department Social Work Duty Line.

5. Any students attending school will be marked as present on the day.

Our Student Wellbeing Team of David Ward, Tony Watson, Sonia Rossi and Amy Rogerson will be monitoring attendance and contacting families on a needs basis to offer a friendly ear and connect them with support where needed.  Mitra and Shahin, our Bilingual Support Officers will also be working with this team to provide translation for families who require this.

Support may include, but not limited to, community services, support with school online learning or communication platforms, or accessing paper-based materials.

Actions for parents/ caregivers:

  1. Check you have access to your child’s class communication platform and have downloaded the relevant app onto your Smartphone or device.
  2. Check you have downloaded the Enfield Primary School Skoolbag app onto your Smartphone or device.
  3. Ensure you reply to the morning check-in message every morning by 9.30am.
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